Thursday 15 December 2016

Thursday 15th December - From one generation to the next

Dali clock, snipped from amazon

Yesterday, or was it the day before? Doesn't matter.

The daughter volunteers in a charity shop, and a young customer came in, and said that they were sure they knew her... after a while they realised that I used to teach her the recorder in Primary School, probably about ten years ago...

Maths clock, snipped from amazon

Ten, or was it maybe maybe fifteen years ago? Doesn't matter.

I was walking towards the mirror at the top of the stairs, and was totally disconcerted, disorientated as it seemed as though my mother was walking towards me, apparently through a portal that doesn't exist....

Christmas tic toc clock, snipped from amazon

Thirty, or was it maybe thirty-five years ago? Doesn't matter.

My mother was having her portrait painted, out in Indonesia. For some reason, the artist started by covering the canvas with a swirling mist of pink, and then painted just my mother's eyes. "You can stop right there, and start again!" said my mother. "I'm not having Her looking out of MY picture!". The artist had painted a true and effective likeness of my mother's mother's eyes...

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History repeating itself. Rather comforting, when you consider it. 

And I've found an idea for a sunny afternoon in London sometime.


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