Monday 19 December 2016

Monday 19th December - Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding

Which I made several weeks ago, amazingly doing some "getting ready for Christmas".

I had hoped to make them on "Sir Up Sunday" but in the event was a week late. I also had to use grated butted instead of suet, as the contents of the half-used packet were decidedly whiffy.

Let me tell you, grated unsalted french butter makes a Fabulous substitute for suet! I'll do that again!

Oh, yes. That word "again".

I had some difficulty finding currants, and in the end we found some in Sainsburys. I made a large square Christmas cake, the plan being to cut into half, to make a rectangular cake for Christmas, and then cut the other half into two squares, one to have a test cake before Christmas, and one to save for the New Year. I also made four individual puddings rather than a single big one, again with the view of having a test pud beforehand.

The cake, and the pudding, were absolutely delicious.

Oh yes. That word "were". Which is not to imply that we ate them all up.

I've had to throw the cake and the puddings away. They were delicious, but inedible. The currants were full of gritty, stoney bits, which grated in your mouth and threatened your teeth as you ate them. We tried, honestly, we tried to convince ourselves that they would do, but it was no good.

I've made a new cake, and it is maturing nicely, and now it is time for the puddings. And I have checked ALL the ingredients for grittiness before they go into the mix.


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