Sunday 16 April 2017

Daily List - Sunday 16th April

It tells me somewhere on the internet that you should make a list of ten things every morning when you wake up. Apparently this will make you more cleverer. We shall see.

Today is Easter Day. It is 7am, and we have just come back from a dawn service at the top of the hill. I've consumed a bowl of porridge with maple syrup and just about stopped shivering. It was COLD up there!


1. Birdsong (today we heard owls)
2. Surprising the cats
3.Dark turns into light
4.Shadows become shapes become things
5.Breakfast (and first coffee of the day)
6.Monochrome world becomes multi-coloured
7.The day warms up - both in temperature and in the colour of the light
8.Sunlight reaching the blossom on the apple tree (assuming itbis going to be a sunny day
9.New day, new start

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