Saturday 15 April 2017

Saturday 15th April - Book Review 4

Appointed to Die - Kate Charles

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I am a sucker for period-style, rather retro murder mysteries. Not too much violence or blood, nothing to keep me awake at night. Kate Charles fits the bill completely. I had guessed some of the plot, but not all of it, but that never spoils it for me. Like doing Sudoku - I'm happy to be handed the answers at the back of the book if I'm finding it too much like hard work on my own. I don't read for work - that's what I do for a living! They books were on offer so I bought two - I'm trying not to read them both in one go.

The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame

Product DetailsI was reading this Very Slowly as a sort of "Lent" book - reflecting on the personalities, situations, behaviour, of the main characters. I've enjoyed it very much - squirmed a bit at Toad's dreadful hubris, sympathised with him when Badger is "jawing" at him, loved how tenderly Mole and Ratty look after each other when they each experience a crisis. It has stood the test of time well, for me. I've been given a paperback copy of  "The Willows in Winter", and also a DVD of the original story, which I can't wait to read/see.

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Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont - Elizabeth Taylor

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This reminded me a bit of "Miss Buncle's Book" by D E Stevenson, in the sense it is partly about the writing of a book. (Which reminds me, one day I must get hold of the sequel.) 

I was listening to a book programme on the radio in the wee small hours, when they started discussing "Angel" by Elizabeth Taylor - NOT the actress!. I was fascinated, so downloaded a book more or less at random.

I remember being fascinated by "Residential Hotels" when I was young - whatever could they be, and how did people live in them? Now all is made clear. Although living was what one was expected to do. Early on Mrs Palfrey remarks to Ludo "We are not allowed to die here". This was a story that pulled me into the world of Mrs Palfrey and the other elderly residents of the Claremont, in the Cromwell Road. 

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