Thursday 10 August 2017

Thursday 10th August - Preparing for Next Term

There's always a lot of things to get done in the Summer holidays. I've done most of my planning for the class music lessons, and I've begun to start teaching myself to play classical guitar, as I have found myself scheduled to teach it to a class of thirty youngsters next term.

Beginning to start to learn? That might sound a bit weird, but I mean what I say, or type. The first stage is always to scope out the size of the task, and make sure you understand the terminology, helpful diagrams and specific vocabulary. A bit like reading through a recipe book and assembling the ingredients and utensils.

Oh, and I have washed, disinfected, rinsed, dried and packed away approximately two-and-a-half-dozen ocarinas. All in a day's work for a music teacher. They are safely stowed away in the boot of my car ready for September.

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