Friday 4 August 2017

Thursday 4th August - This'n'that

We've been out and about today and made a few discoveries.

The ghurkas made a suspension bridge to link North Stoke and South Stoke.
If you are wearing polarized sunglasses while you are operating you digital camera, you can only use the camera in landscape orientation if you want to see the image of what you re taking.

Playing hymns on a harmonium is hard work. Physically (those pedals were stiff) and mentally (remembering the tune and guessing the harmony)

My phone doesn't record step counts properly when it is in my handbag. We walked side by side, and he did 10,000+ steps and only did about 4,000+

I saw a weasel today. I've never seen one before. It was on a path through a woodland; it emerged, ran a few steps towards up, and then disappeared into the undergrowth. We couldn't take a picture (not because of the polarized sunglasses, I hasten to add.)

Mustela nivalis -British Wildlife Centre-4.jpg
Picture of the "Least Weasel" from
He saw it too, albeit too briefly. "It's a weasel if it moves in a snake-like fashion".
There was a rhyme in my Enid Blyton diary (back in the 1960's) that taught the difference between a stoat and a weasel. I've tried to track it down, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't it;

Weasels are weasily recognised, but stoats are stoatally different.

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