Monday 2 April 2018

Monday 2nd April - 'holiday'

Yes, it is in a way.

I've spent most of the time since the end of term in bed. This 'teacher' cold and sore throat and snuffle is not a great problem as long as I stay in bed, drink water and coffee and tea brought up by my ever-loving family, and let time flow through in reading, listening to the radio, browsing on the internet and so on.

I was supposed to be going to a book club tonight and I am disappointed. I've been wanting to join since it started several years ago but it is not until now that I thought I might have the time to read 'proper' fiction and go to the evening meetings. But I have emailed to say I can't make it.

We've also abandoned our plans to drive off somewhere for a few days away, while Son looks after the cats. We were dreaming of finding somewhere to stay with sea views and gentle walks along the sea front from cafe to gallery to shop... but if all I'm going to do is curl up in a corner with a book while the rain pours down outside - well, we can do that more comfortably and more conveniently here at home.

Here's my ten-line picture for today;

Leo the cat is very much enjoying the time I spend in bed. She curls up beside, or on top of me, not really very conveniently. The advantage of using the tablet to draw is no ink, no water pots, no paints, no spills.

Online jigsaws are a good thing to do in bed;

No risk of losing the pieces or dropping them on the floor.

Right, this tablet is down to 37% battery now, so I shall stop here, and read some more of my book instead.

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