Sunday 1 April 2018

Sunday 1st April - Easter Day

We had a real family day - the Son represented us all at the Dawn Church Service where Paschal Candles were lit at a small brazier. I'm still spending half-days in bed catching up with myself and sleeping off a snuffly cold, so shivering out at dawn seemed a Bad Idea.

Daughter joined us for a second breakfast of Hot Cross Buns; traditional, not chocolate/toffee or any other weird varieties. I emerged from the bedroom in time for lunch!

My father joined us for Roast Lamb and everything, followed by cheese, followed by Easter Eggs.

My Easter Cactus is in flower;

The same one that flowered at Christmas... I think it may be a little confused as to which type of cactus it is supposed to be.

I drew a picture of Husband and Son and Daughter playing a fiendishly complicated extension of Settlers of Catan. Part of an April challenge to do a drawing everyday by doing no more than 10 lines; a line being defined as from the moment your pen touches the paper until you lift it again. I was using my finger and a tablet, and I truly only made ten separate lines;

and I added a row of hearts and a row of criss-crosses to my fair isle scarf.

Now that my coloured yarn has become pink, I shall try and do flowers next; 

I had a look at the pattern for roses but it does look a bit too complicated.

More Easter eggs, and smoked salmon sandwiches finished the day most excellently.

Hope you've had a good day today as well,

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