Sunday, 9 September 2018

Sunday September 9th - Round up of NI Trip (2)

We also stayed with cousins on the other side of the family - more wonderful hospitality!

It's so good to catch up on news, and with a year between visits, and a gap of around forty years before we started going back over, there is a lot to catch up on.

These cousins live in a more rural part of the country, in a farmhouse.

With a farmhouse kitchen - again a living/dining/kitchen. From this Aga comes another endless stream of delicious food - fresh fish, huge joints of lamb, eggs, bacon, toasted wheaten bread, potato farls...

Am I jealous? Hmm. And with this view from the kitchen window, who would ever feel the lack of a dishwasher? It's a far cry from suburbia.

We stayed the night, and work to the sight of scores of swallows flitting between the trees in the paddock outside our window.

After a hearty breakfast we got back into the car (which was heavily laden with a great sack of firewood in the boot from their own woodpile) and travelled across the country to our next port of call.

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