Sunday 2 December 2018

Sunday 2nd December - Journeys

'Journeys' was the subject of today's church service.

We went to church in a panda. I should think our journey was much more comfortable than many of the journeys in the Bible (consider Jonah travelling by whale, with his face wrapped in seaweed. Ugh)

Obviously the 'journeys' at church did not involve pandas. (I don't think pandas are actually mentioned in the Bible.)

The first one was Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem, by donkey.
The second one was the shepherds going on foot to Bethlehem.
The third journey was the several wise men going by camel (really - does it mention camels in the Bible version of the story?) also to Bethlehem.

We went to Chichester rather than Bethlehem after church, again by panda, to meet up with The Offsprings, finish my birthday celebrations (presents! presents!), break bread, or rather pizza, together, and then do a little Christmas shoppery on the way back to the car.

We saw a spectacular Christmas Tree constructed from green plastic bottles.

We also accomplished The Taking Of Photographs, as requested by my father, and The Synchronisation of Christmas and New Year Plans, or at least creating several possible variations thereof.

Then we drove back through the darkening light, trees silhouetted against an inky grey sky. In the panda. Of course.

All in all a greatly lovely day.

I have set fire to one of my birthday presents.   

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  1. Yes, journeys were all part of the nativity weren't they- arduous, long and difficult journeys with no certainty that they might find what they were seeking!
    Visiting as a fellow Pauser!
    Beautiful post!