Friday 18 January 2019

Friday 18th January 2019 - and another thing

The measurements that I mainly uses for evaluating the chaos coefficient currently applicable to my life are

what is getting forgotten?

the words of a chant that I taught year 4 - they soon put me right

did I leave my handbag in the office of the previous school - having spent the next ten miles working out if I need any of the contents before I can retrieve it the next morning, I discovered that I had put it in the boot after all

I have managed to walk past a card that needs to be posted every day this week

what daft things have I done?

opened an attachment from a dodgy email; subsequently come wide awake out of a strange dream about a row of nearly-dead dogs lying up-side-down under a shelf, only their eyes move, watching me, and related that dream to the dodgy email and woken husband so he can check the email and intercept whatever gremlins were crawling around our network. (It was ok, no gremlins)

what is the state of the dining room table?

this is the most accurate measurement of all;

And this is the only rational response.



  1. Ooh, I so empathize with dining table cluttered, teatray on the stool. And the 'did I leave my bag at the school where I worked yesterday' Hoping your chaos subsides soon...

    1. Hi Angela, revisiting your reply today (1st November 2019), I had forgotten the nearly dead dogs (God is gracious!) but the dining room table is the same as ever...