Friday, 29 March 2019

Friday 29th March - Three in a row?

I had a rare moment of shopping time today. That's because of picking up a prescription at Sainsburys, so I needed  to spend at least £10 in order not to have to pay the parking fee.

It might have been cheaper to pay the parking fee...

Yesterday's burst of energy, which included hoovering or sweeping the whole house as the dust everywhere was getting on my nerves, resulted in me waking up feeling still asleep and never really managing to reach 'awake' at any stage.

I zombied around the supermarket, and came home with a cucumber, a lettuce, a bag of rice for making rice puddings (we have too much milk), a packet of cheap little self-inking stampers to be the next set of rewards for piano pupils, (do you really want to know all this?) a tub of boullion powder because I thought shopper-in-chief may have forgotten to buy some (he hadn't), a bag of dried apricots because I like them in my lunch boxes, and, ever the eternal optimist, a packet of tea.

Not just any tea;

I had some when I got home, but it is a bit too soon to see if they work. Or maybe you have to finish the whole packet?

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