Sunday, 31 March 2019

31st March - Mothering Sunday

The children came up trumps;

In order of unpacking/unwrapping

flowers and a card, delivered while we were out and left basking in the sunshine on the front door step. But a neighbour spotted them, took them home and brought them back later. Thank you!   

A wonderful card of Chichester cathedral, constructed so that it folds flat when you close the card, and a whole handful of finger puppets - just the right size to keep me company when I am out and about. (I expect you thought I might use them with piano pupils, but they are mine, not for sharing!) I did take them to church...

The church service today was mostly very un-serious (and I'm afraid I wasn't feeling serious in most of the serious bits). I spent most of the time in between 'writing on a post-it' and 'lighting a candle for your mother' chatting with the young care assistant who now comes with a member of the congregation who needs a lot of support. For years we (in the church) have taken turns in bringing her to church, looking after her, and taking her back, and it was my turn today, but now that she is older she needs 'more care'. This was the third time her assistant came too; every time has been different and I don't think she has been used to going to church anyway. I suspect 'church' at St John's is not what she was expected...

All us ladies were given flowers, including the care assistant, rather to her surprise. Here are mine;

I used to take home a bunch for my mother... today, while searching through my phone for pictures to show to 'my lady', I kept being ambushed by pictures of Mummy in hospital after the stroke, Mummy in various stages of recovery, Christmases over the years, and then, the flowers from her funeral, just over three years ago. 

There are a whole raft of 'legacy journals' out there now, 'nearly-blank' books with prompts and questions and suggestions

Mum, Tell Me: A Give & Get Back Book             Tell Me Your Life Story: An Interview With My Mother Life Story Prompt Journal

which you fill in for your children, or with your children, to write down all those stories about where you lived, where you went to school, anecdotes, funny stories, etc. I'm rather wishing I had done that with Mummy. I could just write down as much as I remember of the stories she used to tell... I wonder what my father would think if I bought one for him?

****   ****   ****

The sun is out, but the wind is cold. I shall make some 'new you' tea and enjoy the flowers, cards and finger puppets. Thank you, everyone, for my presents.

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