Friday 31 May 2019

Friday 31st May - Where did May go?

Where did May go?

It went in a whirlygig of looking after my godmother, driving back and forwards to her house or to the hospital, rescheduling schools in order to be where we were needed... they admitted her on Thursday 20th after her follow-up consultation because she was so weak from being unable to eat or drink.

It went in cleaning - her kitchen, ours, prepping for the painting of the hall stairs and landing (he finished yesterday)...

It went in watering the garden nearly every night...

The most intense period of activity luckily coincided with half term, which ends this weekend.

Where did May go indeed?

I would have to read my diary to be certain of what happened when. I didn't dare leave writing it up for more than a day.

There has been a lot of sitting in cafes, drinking coffee, eating biscuits and cakes all the last two weeks.

I'm trying to brush up on my sketching skills ready for when we go on holiday later this year;
The cafe at the hospital has a little courtyard with surprisingly exotic plants

and a battered old shed. The ivy is full of little twittery birds

Some people at the next table when we went to a pub for lunch one day. I was fascinated with the sound of their conversation, and the way that their postures reflected their personalities

Finally a five-minute water-colour dibble. I was idly looking at a place mat in a shop window and noticed the way they painted the lavender...

June looks fair to be as challenging as May - my godmother is likely to be able to go home any day now, with a full and intensive support package, but we shall still be visiting frequently.

I've this weekend to send out my invoices for the rest of term, and write another 14 piano reports. They very thought sends me reaching for the paintbox... 

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