Sunday, 2 June 2019

Sunday 2nd June - Drawings

I mentioned that I had bought (another) 'how to draw' book. This one,

Drawing with Children

was recommended somewhere. I think there is possibly a problem with the title... I'm drawing with  pens and pencils and also the drawing app on my laptop. I haven't yet moved on to drawing with children... (hahahah, geddit?)

Anyway, it takes the view that drawing is a taught skill, like playing the piano, and you start by copying increasingly intricate diagrams constructed from using the five elements shown in the first row below
Image result for drawing with children

Image result for drawing with children
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to sharpen up your observation and drawing skills from a very primitive level.

Following on from this, using the elements of dot, circle, straight, curved and angled lines, I have reached the drawing level of a - shall we say - twelve-year-old?

I drew these using the Artrage app on the laptop. I'm actually rather impressed. I reckon they are not a bad effort. Quite how I get from here to a realistic picture I'm not sure, but this is only lesson 1 in the book.   

I forgot to add this picture of snapdragon flowers to a previous post. They have survived or self-seeded from last year, and seem to have overwhelmed the fuschia which shares their pot.

The roses are looking good too.

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