Tuesday 27 August 2019

Tuesday 27th August - what if...

What if all the presenters on programmes like

The Repair Shop

or Great British Bakeoff

or Masterchef

are actually vampire members of The Fey, who need regular doses of extreme human emotion (rather than boring old blood) so survive...

and then they discovered that they could live forever as long as they could keep coming up with programmes where they could create an emotional situation....

(cue repetitive piano music, or occasional drum rolls)

and hold the suspense....

(more music, and slowly pan round each contestant's face, zooming in on twitching fingers or expressions of despair)

and then film the rejected contestant, or the person who has just had a treasure restored to them and catch their tears on a camera (in olden days, the 'Once Upon A Time' days, they would have caught the tears in a crystal phial) 

Of course I don't mean not the people above! 

1 comment:

  1. On the Eurovision Song Contest, a friend last year said "I have seen nothing yet to dissuade me that Eurovision is the one night a year Europe’s vampire get to come out and play."