Tuesday 8 October 2019

Tuesday 8th October - Inktober 1st - 7th October

There's a 'thing' going on - #Inktober - that I'm trying to keep up with.

The idea is that you do an ink sketch/drawing/doodle every day...

Here goes;

Tuesday 1st October - using the ballpoint pen with the Bamboo paper app on my tablet

Wednesday 2nd October - the ink version and then after I coloured it

Thursday 3rd October - From my diary, which I write up at bedtime. By Thursday I am usually feeling 'done' with people; I will have taught 42 lessons since Monday morning and I find all I want to do is sit and surf the net...

The picture reminds me of the little scribbly illustrations my Grandmother ('Oma) used to add to her letters

Friday 4th October - This is a bit of a cheat. The keyboard for my tablet (actually a Lenovo Yogabook) can be switched to a Wacom tablet. You can then place an image on the tablet and trace over it, and hey presto, you are drawing on the screen! So, meet the models in a clothing catalogue...

this is from the book that I use for quotations and notes from what I am reading. If I want to be able to find a particular passage again, I do a doodle to help me recognise the page. If you can make the word out, these are from a book by Fay Weldon called 'Letters to Alice; on reading Jane Austen'

Saturday 5th October  - Again, from from my diary; a 'scribble' sketch

Sunday 6th - where is doodle? You'll just have to pretend I did it in white on white...

Monday 7th - Using the brush pen tool with the Bamboo Paper app on my tablet. I didn't like it at first, but this time round I'm rather pleased. I see I have allocated it to the 6th and the 7th!

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