Saturday 30 November 2019

Saturday 30th November - Another day of nothing

A day of nothing? That's sort of a fib.

It is 1pm - Normally (remember that word?) normally, I would have taught 8 piano  pupils in a stuffy, rather stinky practice room  (they have a problem with damp) with no windows, no ventilation, on a fairly horrible piano. We would now be on our way home.

Instead, because of this breathlessness, I am still in bed at home, feeling perfectly fine, at least until I get up and move around.

Being 'well in bed' is... a good place to learn to be patient.

So I have been patiently doing sewing and have made one-and-a-half unstuffed frogs, and an eye-less mouse. I'm hoping to find stuffing for the frogs and the beads for eyes downstairs later today, by which time I may have finished the second frog.

I've been keeping a careful watch over the pins and needles. At the moment they are all accounted for.

I've also bought a book (the perils of one-click amazon kindle are very real)

and have embarked upon it, doing the exercises on the Bamboo app on my yoga book. Much less messy than pens and paper in bed,

The first exercise is to draw a mug, a tree, a car, a building, and person

 I don't think I have drawn many cars. Front on seemed to be the easiest.

Next, draw your own hand

Then, fill a page with straight (-ish) lines, and fill some pages with doodles. I'll spare you the straight lines; here is a page of doodles, 'as many different types of marks as you can come up with'

I rather like this page (I have done more). It has potential - a sort of overgrown industrial zone look to it.

The book follows the 'Mona Brookes' principles and quotes from her book 'Drawing with Children' - the title always makes me giggle - do you dip the children in paint, or maybe ink, before you start drawing with them. Danny Gregory is less serious and academic - bigger print, more colour pictures.

I think I'm going to enjoy this.

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