Sunday 1 December 2019

Sunday 1st December - PAUSE in Advent #1

This is part of A Pause in Advent - a group of bloggers each posting something Advent-related on the four Sundays in Advent. It is hosted by  Tracing Rainbows   look for the list of us on her home page to read more.

It's 11.30am, of my third-day-in-bed-in-a-row, and I am stir crazy. I'm not properly ill, just fending off a chest infection, and obeying wise words from a GP - 'what's the point of taking antibiotics if you don't slow down and let them do their work?'

I have also been racking my brains to try and discover what I might contribute to the Pause for Advent this year.

So far this morning I have knitted another Christmas Tree for the Advent garland I shall put up later, (the plan is to add one every day)

and started another little mouse for a Christmas Present,

 and discovered that you can do watercolour painting in bed if you are Very Very Careful

None of which sounds like pausing... except that sitting here, unable to 'get on' with admin and organising and doing and cleaning and shopping and baking has given me time to think - a rare and unusual opportunity.

So while I knitted the tree, and listened to Graham Kendrick's 'Rumours of Angels' all the way through (that's how long a tree takes to knit) and thought, I found my theme;


The Wise Men, the Shepherds, Mary, all travelled to Bethlehem.

I'm starting with the Shepherds; they had the easiest journey of all. As simple as this; no packing, no arrangements, to lists to make....

just some angels appearing in the sky

 (did they sound like that sonic boom over North London last night, I wonder, KERPOW,!!!)

and telling them not to be scared, but run down to Bethlehem where they will find the Prince of Peace, all meanly wrapped in swaddling clothes and in a manger laid.

That must have been the simplest journey ever to go and meet God.

Can it really be that that straightforward? Look, Listen, you'll find God at your home?

screen shots from; do watch it!


  1. I do hope you feel better soon - I am glad you've been able to achieve something from your sickbed. Like you I am learning that sometimes we just HAVE to rest and recover. Things will happen anyway, and nothing too serious will go wrong, just becasue we weren't there!

  2. Thank you Angela, as you and I know,'a day off in time saves nine!' I'll be back on the piano stool tomorrow morning, all things being equal...