Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Tuesday 5th November - 'Do not be dismayed'

Several years ago I came upon this at a tiny church, too small, too isolated to have electricity even;

Isaiah 41:10

SUNDAY               Do not fear
MONDAY             I am with you
TUESDAY            Do not be dismayed
WEDNESDAY     I will strengthen you
THURSDAY         I will help you
FRIDAY               I will uphold you
SATURDAY         I am your God

Every so often I refer back to these 'weekly words' and now may be a good time to have them close to hand again.

I phoned my godmother this evening and she's not feeling that great - aches and pains and finding swallowing is becoming difficult. I've cancelled all my teaching so I can get over tomorrow and see how she is and what's to be done. 'Do not be dismayed'. Well, I am, rather.  Tomorrow's words, 'I will strengthen you' sound promising. I'll hang on to them.

Meanwhile there isn't a lot I can do.


Last night was Book Club;  discussing 'Educated' by Tara Westover. And how much is 'true', and who's truth was it anyway. My Canadian friend has mentioned a film called 'Vantage Point;, where the same story is retold from different view points, and I have a faint memory of a sit com, was it called 'Couplings'?, where in each episode they replayed the event from different viewpoints...

I'm a bit nervous because the club decided to go with my suggestion for this month; 'Rivers of London', the first in the series by Ben Aaaronavitch. Fairly ridiculous procedural police crime thriller meets Terry Pratchett might be a description. Rather different from the other books put forward; 'what about the Booker Prizewinners, or are they not out in paperback yet?'. I joined the bookclub to raise my reading standards, not to lower everyone else's. I'm delighted to discover I can listen to the 'Rivers of London' audiobook on youtube. Which is what I'm about to do now.

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