Wednesday 1 January 2020

December 31st - Resolutions, Challenges, and all that bullshit

The Usual Resolutions;

  1. Eat Chocolate every week
  2. Keep up the page-a-day journal
  3. Take 2 bags to charity shops every month - preferably with a few bits an pieces in them, preferably more stuff going out of the house than comes in


  1. Do more drawing and painting - every day if possible
  2. Do more piano playing (piano playing in the lessons doesn't count) - every day if possible
  3. Do more writing - every week if possible 

Other Stuff;

  1. Finish the Granny squares blanket - one or two squares to complete, connect all 15, 16 or 20 squares together and crochet a border (maybe - depends on how much wool I have)
  2. Finish the Christmas Shawl - I'm at about 200 stitches across now; the shawl is finished when I run out of wool, which will be in about 80 rows time, increasing by one stitch on each row.
  3. Make a start on the tapestry which is cluttering up space in the house and in my mind 

We shall see.....

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