Thursday 2 January 2020

Thursday 2nd January - And so the Year begins

Today - the first working day of the year...

And so we did a bit of work, once I had managed to wake up, and have a bath and get dressed and all that palaver of transferring from slumbering person to wide-awake person.

The transformation didn't quite complete, so quite soon, say a couple of hours after the first coffee of the day, I found myself wilting back towards slumber. Lunch, and another coffee has helped.

I've managed to send out a third of the piano lesson invoices for next half of term, and once I have finished procrastinating (oh, did you think I was blogging?) I'll brace myself and send out the rest. If it were just a case of zapping out the invoices that would be that, but I try and sweeten the pill with a bit of a progress report for the pupils and so forth, and it's that, along with double-treble checking that the names on the invoices and the pronouns in the accompanying emails all match, (and they never do first time around) that takes the time.

We, that is Himself and Myself, also went into town and accomplished a few errands this morning. Which means I have been able to cross half-a-dozen items off my list, and also got my head around what needs to be done next.

Tomorrow we shall attempt some more items on the lists - his list, my list and our list.

Meanwhile, I shall make a cup of tea (which I don't really want) as my final procrastinate before I get on with these invoices. I keep telling myself that I will feel so much better once they are all sent off.

It's so tempting to invest in all these planners and notebooks in the hope that they will magically cause organisation to happen...

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  1. Ahhhrghghg, you have just reminded me that we have to do reports this February half term!! Noooooo!