Monday 2 March 2020

Monday 2nd March - Today dawned bright and sunny

Actually, I'm talking about me, not the weather.

The weather was cold and grey. But I felt bright and chirpy having rested on Saturday afternoon and all of Sunday. (Saturday morning is one of my more intense teaching times - eight pupils more or less back to back in 4 hours, with any breaks usually taken up in chatting with parents.)

By the time I had finished the morning's lessons, the sun was up and outside was as sunny as my mood. I spent the rest of the morning being extravagant in town - banking a cheque, buying a magazine and some coloured brush pens, having coffee in Waterstones and decorating the envelopes of letters ready to be posted

 and buying stamps and reduced-in-the-clearance-outlet-pillowcases and cat treats and bird seed in Wilcos...  a goodly haul by the time we got back.

This is what I spent some time doing yesterday - I wanted to include them in the previous post but it was taking too long for the photographs to arrive on the computer, if you see what I mean.

Anenome - happy ever crafter tutorial

Johanna Basford Inky Art Course Day 4

Bobblast video on youtube - he says
 'Use a Big Brush - Biiiiig Brush, start by making a carrot';
so that's what I did ,but I only had a small brush pen with me! 

Right. That's all from me... one more lesson to teach, and then an evening of rest and recuperation and crochet...


  1. I really like your sketches! They are really cute!

  2. Thank you - they are copied from various youtube tutorials.