Sunday 8 March 2020

Sunday 8th March - Lent Inspirations 2

Angela Almond, who hosts 'Pause in Advent', is hosting 'Lent Inspirations' over at her blog, 'Tracing Rainbows'.

Here's my contribution;

My trouble with doing any kind of 'Daily Readings' of any kind, for any purpose, is that unless I've got plenty of time to keep revisiting what I've read, and thinking about it properly. the words just go straight out of my head.

I was trying to remember one thing from each day's reading and reflection (they are here if you are interested) but in the end I've cut down to working on just one idea from last week;

to try become less grumpy and more gracious and generous.

I've become a bit grumpy these days, and it really doesn't improve daily life!

Thinking about how I was going to accomplish this change, it occurred to me that praying for a grateful, gracious and generous mindset, first thing in the morning before I even opened my mouth and said anything to anyone might be a way to begin. On the days when I have remembered to do this, I have found everything went more pleasantly.

When I'm teaching the piano, I lay great stress on trying to learn things correctly the first time, adn then reinforcing the right notes/fingers/articulation/dynamics/phrasing/balance of tone etc by accurate and thoughtful repetition until it becomes automatic - a habit. 

Like learning good manners, or a new language. You just have to pay attention to what you are doing in the early stages in order to inculcate the 'right' way of doing things, and free up your mind from the necessity of remembering things.


Oh I wish it wasre that easy!

(By the way, the daffodils haven't changed that much in a week - the earlier photograph was taken some weeks ago!) 


  1. I think you are right. We need to ask for the grace to develop good attitudes. I love the cartoon of the wife standing in the bedroom saying "sometimes I wake up Grumpy. Sometimes I let him sleep" How we start the day can affect the rest of it. Remembering to ask God to help us FIRST is the best way. Trouble is, I often forget....

  2. That's a very tough change to make! Grumpiness is difficult. I think it comes mostly at times when time is actually key. Time pressure and tiredness provoke much of my grumpiness. I'm much better when I leave proper time to get things done (like getting teenagers out the door), or when I'm not so overrun with demands and cares and jobs that I haven't the emotional capacity to answer one more question, or take on one more request. I wish I could live in a "My burdens are easy/unforced rhythms of grace" place more often x