Wednesday 29 July 2020

Wednesday 29th July - Coffee mug update

Well, this is just an update of all the sketches of coffee mugs I've done since the last time I posted them.

On Sunday 26th I was a bit bored with coffee mugs, and spent an afternoon happily watching and following a youtube tutorial on painting leaves. I did shove a coffee mug into the bottom corner!

It seemed to me that the paintings were all looking a bit samey, so I started being more experimental with using colour. Monday and Tuesday's mugs were just an excuse to watch all the colours running in and around each other, although today's picture is a return to realism.

I'm ridiculously excited because my new tubes of water colour have arrived, and a box with empty 'pans' to fill is coming tomorrow. I watched a youtube of an artist explaining why he chose these shades, and demonstrating how they work together and I was HOOKED. My current box of watercolours is in the bottom of the picture.

I've also ordered a new sketchbook, as this one will be more of less filled by the 'month of mugs' project.

The Bible quotes are all taken from the morning prayers in the Franciscan Daily Office Book, called 'Celebrating Common Prayer' which I've been following for a couple of weeks. 

Celebrating Common Prayer: Pocket Version by Society of Saint Francis (1994-08-04)

Anyway, here are all the paintings so far!

Monday 20th July

Tuesday 21st July

Wednesday 22nd July

Thursday 23rd July

Friday 24th July

Saturday 25th July

Sunday 26th July

Monday 27th July

Tuesday 28th July - actually I cheated; I did this today, Wednesday 29th July - but I started the page yesterday

Today 29th July

Two more days of July, and already I'm pondering the next project...


  1. I've enjoyed the mugs, will be interesting to see what you do with your new paints.

  2. Thanks! Think it might be foliage...