Monday, 2 November 2020

Monday 2nd November - who has got the biscuits?

 We have, due to a last minute misunderstanding the biscuits came home with us instead of wending their way westwards with the offsprings.

This is a double catastrophe, because that means they don't have them, and we do, and we will eat them, and I'm working hard not to get any more substantial than I already am. I've managed to stay at the same weight since March. Himself is able to eat as much as he likes without getting any heavier, and the offsprings have taken after, luckily for them.

We met up at the seaside, seeing each other for the first time since March! Oh frabjous day, calloo callay!

The wind was enough to take my breath away, walking into it, and I was glad to turn into an avenue of ilex trees leading away from the roar of waves churning at the shingle beach.  We were so lucky with the weather - having rained all morning the sun came out, fabulous. We even briefly zoomed my father so he could see us all...

Look at that sky! Look at those waves! I don't suppose you can make out 20-30 assorted wind-surfers and kite-surfers hurtling hither and thither in the distance.

I made Original Be-Ro Melting Moments

Heat oven to 180 and prepare two baking trays

Cream together 5 ounces soft butter (or marg - I used unsalted butter) and 3 ounces caster sugar (I keep a vanilla pod in my sugar jar so I did not add 1 tsp vanilla extract)

Stir in 5 oz flour and mix well

(This can all be done in a food processor)

Form mixture into about 24-30 little balls the size of walnuts - easier if your hands are damp

Roll in your preferred coating - I used crushed cornflakes, but you can use dessicated coconut if you like that stuff, or porage oats. You can top with a quarter of a glace cherry too.

Arrange on the sheets with room to spread, flatten slightly, and bake until pale golden brown - 10-15 minutes

and Chocolate Krispies

Melt together 100g chocolate (I used Cadbury's dark milk chocolate) and 50g butter and 3 tbsp golden syrup. Cool slightly before pouring over 100g cornflakes. Split between 12 bun cases and leave to set in the fridge.

Sorry kiddos, I meant for you to have them. That would have been several 1000s of calories, and two plastic tubs cleared out of the house.

Oh well, at least you can make your own now. 

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