Monday, 30 November 2020

Monday 30th November - Last day of November Blog post challenge

You might be able to prove me wrong, but I'm not going to look and check, I'll just guess - I think I managed about 28 out of the thirty days. 

I remember one night going to bed and thinking - tough - I need to sleep more than I need to blog.

Advent is traditionally a time of waiting - for Christmas, yes, true enough.

Last week was a time of waiting - for phone calls,  messages, emails, to find out what was happening for my father. working out who to tell and what to say. This coming week there will be further waiting times, but this time it looks as though these will be for him to have assessments to work out when he can return home. A better kind of waiting.

I'm typing up this post as I wait for the next piano lesson to start. We're all ready, me and the gang

The birthday present finger puppets have all been sewn up, and have already had their first outing this morning. You might spot a row of rainbows and stars next to the disgruntled owls. The owls have been busy showing pupils which notes to play, and they don't look to pleased about their new rivals. 

Puppets and these little tiny pencil erasers make piano teaching play an important part in helping the younger students in zoom piano lessons.

Any other news? The advent wreath is hanging up outside the front door but it is too dark to take a photograph. Next time. 

I can't show drawings as I am now about a week behind - I put the date on each page, but now I am trying to do two pictures a day to catch up.

Yeah - catching up - that's the plan for this week...


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  1. Good luck with your catching up. I hope it comes with lots of tea!