Friday, 20 November 2020

Saturday 20th November - The Shed


Everyone needs their own shed.

Not just the one for storing stuff, but another one to be a sanctuary, a personal space that they can furnish and use exactly as they please. I laughingly refer to 'my' side of the dining room as my shed; it has a Windsor chair with cushions, a standing desk, the piano, half the dining table and two dining chairs and just enough room to wriggle through. 

I have a tray for watercolour paints and brushes, a box for lino printing equipment, and space on my table for writing OR painting OR using the laptop OR lino printing; the box and paint tray and laptop play an eternal game of musical spaces throughout the day. I have become adept at making whatever activity I am engaged in fit into a space the size on a A3 sheet of paper. Yesterday it was lino printing; 

I am ridiculously pleased with these lino prints; I followed the instructions that go with the kit I bought last month (only last month - I have no sense of how time passes at the moment). I have cut out and assembled two of the three prints I made last night, and stuck on one the rose bush next to where I chalked up today's word. It has been raining ever since I went out to write on the damp brickwork, so the letters will all be gone now.

One of these little log cabins would make a perfect shed. I have spent a little while furnishing my imaginary shed with sofa and fairy lights, desk and chair, rug, heating and lighting, of course... where would it fit in our small suburban garden?

Today is a remarkably dank and cold and seeping damp day. I was feeling bleah and decided to retire to bed for the afternoon to sleep it off. However Best Beloved has appeared with a cup of tea and ALL my tech - tablet, phone, laptop. and I feel revivified enough to stop hibernating and write a blog post.  

Once I have pressed 'Publish' I may well continue to browse for pictures of perfect sheds...

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