Thursday, 19 November 2020

Thursday 19th November - Don't Panic


It is not my birthday and I won' be 19 years old, or even six years old.

Today's word was prompted by the arrival of an email with this picture in it;

and the question 'would I like some?'
Of course!

I've just had a slice while sorting out stuff on the internet and it has cheered me up immensely. The Very Good Friend delivered it an hour ago, and I handed over mincemeat and also advent tea lights and the remains of the mincemeat fruit cake I made yesterday. 

I think we got the better of that deal.

I didn't manage a walk today - by the time I had got up and sorted myself out there were other things to do and then it was lunch time.

I did cut out some lino print leaves, and print them on a background that I had prepared earlier;

very happy-making. I just created three leaves, and then splattered the printing all over the page.

I've also started ordering Christmas presents...... oooooooh and a new pair of shoes because my old faithfuls have stretched into boats over the years. Horrors! It appears that Hotter gave up making this style about three years ago and the only pair they have left in the recesses of the warehouse are size 7 extra wide... I was tempted, but sense prevailed and I have ordered a similar style (fingers crossed) in chocolate (it was that or black - my other shoes came in blue or red or burgundy or green or boring brown or black - sigh) and in the proper size (5E, if you really wanted to know).

Lots of deliveries to look forward to!


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