Sunday 15 November 2020

Sunday 15th November - Cherry Blossoms


It is a bit hard to read; Winter Cherry Look Behind You

The words didn't stay there long. I chalked them up n a gap in the successive rain storms just before lunch, and then the heavens opened again.

I went out again in the rain to take pictures of the cheery tree across the road covered in little flowers. The leaves have almost all been blown away but the fragile petals cling on.

There are a number of cherry trees in our road. I would guess that most of them date back to when the houses were completed, in 1955, judging by the battered state of them. Delivery wagons and removal trucks, and, for one year, a twice-daily double decker bus, have sheared off the lower branches However the trees do their best every winter, the flowers lasting almost until the leaves reappear in spring.

The light was extraordinary when I took the picture of the tree; the rain was thundering down, indeed, there were several thunder-rolls, and the sun was shining and there were rainbows in the sky.

Rain, sun, a silver sky, a golden oak, and the rainbow, all at the same time. It sounds like something Gandalf would have said, words from an ancient prophesy, or  mystical charm, or a portent for the future.

Mix that in with reading Ecclesiastes 3 (A time to sow, a time to reap etc) and my head is buzzing.

What was the title of this post - cherry blossom?