Sunday 21 March 2021

Sunday 22nd March - Rehearsing clocks changing

We woke up early, around 5am, and were sufficiently awake that 5.30 felt like breakfast time... which meant that 10am was long past elevenses (toast and jam). Toast meant we could hold off lunch until 12, just, and then a little tea time-ish moment at about 3 and supper at 6.

I'd quite like to stay awake to watch a PD James murder mystery this evening... don't know if I will manage.

Next week the clocks go forward. I don't know if we were rehearsing for next week or for next Autumn; that's too much like hard work to sort out without paper and pencil and various charts. Who cares, anyway? Apart from the cats who don't understand why mealtimes change. McCavity was perfectly happy to have breakfast early today, and Leo confused as to why, when she went upstairs, I wasn't there (because I was getting breakfast downstairs...)

Next week I'm getting a new clock for keeping track of lesson start and finish times. The little alarm clock that sits neatly on the music rack of the piano gave up the ghost last week resulting, in several over-running lessons. New batteries had no effect, and on close inspection (He took it to bits) it seems that the plastic gears have given up. I expect it will arrive just in time for me to set the time and then change it again. 

I've been sorting out what I could call 'the vegetable garden'; actually an array of  patio tubs set out on the old shed base. 'Sorting out the veg garden' became much easier once Himself came and joined me; I stood around directing where the tubs should be and he shifted them around. I only changed my mind once or twice, honest. There was a short-lived difference of opinion as to how many holes should be drilled into the two largest tubs; my priority was drainage, and his priority was ensuring the base didn't split. We compromised. I've sown seeds in some of the tubs, others still need weeding or topping up. 

You may recognise the round tubs from their previous function; they used to be the drums from my junk samba kit!

I've been testing one of my notebooks to assess its suitability for use as a garden journal

It is a bit of a compromise but seems to behave reasonably for fountain pen, pigments pen and watercolour, as long as the paper doesn't get too wet, so I have ordered one. It will have to run from March to March... I can persuade myself that this is OK as Spring starts at the beginning of March.

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  1. You are well ahead of us. We still have 5Cm of snow and temperatures below zero. I am itching to get started! Just playing my concertina really, and Vic the piano. Teecher coming today. scary!