Friday 23 July 2021

Friday 23rd July - The Consequence of A Disturbed Night's Sleep

 Every so often I have what I call 'a non-sleeping night'. So then I listen to the World Service, or a podcast, or a talking book, or some music. I use my mp3 player, or my Kindle Fire, and have become reasonably adept at squinting at the screen to read the text without putting my glasses on, and remembering which buttons do what.

Last night was the second one of these nights in a row.

Early this morning, at about 3.15 am, a trip to the bathroom became unavoidable. Before I went back to bed, I cautiously navigated my way, in the dark, to the spare bedroom window, dodging the clothes airer, the bathroom scales and several boxes which I knew were in the way. 

I could make out the stars, and even had the idea that I might have seen a shooting star or two, so then I tiptoed back into our bedroom, managed to find my glasses, and went down stairs, all without waking my Best Beloved from his Beauty sleep.

It was hot everywhere in the house, but once I had gone out into the back garden the air was cool, but not cold. Leo the cat came out with me, looking confused, and we sat together for about quarter of an hour, staring up at the stars, and, yes, the occasional shooting star. (MacCavity was Out)

They are a bit annoying to watch for; the skies round our way are not very dark, so it is more a case of 'knowing that you have just seen one' rather than actually watching one streak across the sky as in the photographs.

There was one star, much bright than all the others, but tellingly it seemed to be heading directly towards the airport so I guess that was a plane pretending to be a star.

However I have spent most of today just about unable to do anything more taking than read a book, play Freecell and make cups of tea or coffee. But since the Summer Holidays have started and I won't be doing any more teaching until September, who cares! 

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  1. We see shooting stars fairly often. Dark here, a couple of street lamps but mostly just mountains. Sleepless nights are becoming the norm I think