Monday 19 July 2021

More Monday - I said there would be 'catch-up' posts - Drawing

 I've downloaded a book onto my Kindle called 'Learn to Draw in 30 Days'. After a break of several months I'm back in drawing mode, and just starting painting mode. 

This could possibly be due to the Summer holidays being on the horizon - as term draws to a close I find I have less and less energy and enthusiasm for anything more than endless games of Free cell as a form of mind-less mind-fullness after teaching and then writing up notes and then answering emails to do with teaching.

Anyway, this book;

absolutely seems to do what it says on the cover. I'm up to lesson 18 now. I just spend a few minutes in the morning doing whatever the day's lesson is.

Lesson 1,2 and 3 were  spheres.

The it moved on to cubes. 

As a treat we did a cuddly koala (and also texture) followed by bowls and a strange rose

Lesson 12; constructing houses

and more houses

today was contour lines, and 'Contour Kid'

I am so enjoying this! The author, Mark Kistler has the same idea about teaching as me; break things down into fool proof steps and just Do it!.

It's the hottest day of the year - don't I just know it. Clouds are building up on the horizon, the sort that suggest a thunderstorm, and torrential rain, but only if we water the garden first.


  1. Not touched my paints for ages, maybe you just inspired me! Putting some photos on my blog later today, maybe one may inspire a master piece (or piece of something master..). Well done!