Saturday 23 July 2022

Saturday 23rd July - many a slip and all that


If I'd have taken this photograph a few seconds later, I could have included a bemused cat.

And then another photograph of the cat having decided that it was safe to walk on.

And then the cat not liking the warm sticky sensation on her paws, and being held upside down while I wiped all her paws before she could go any further.

However I can confirm that no people or animals were hurt when this happened, and that the microwave recipe I used for the gooseberry jam works very well for apricot jam.

 I managed to save half a jar.

In other news - is it news - just the ordinary day-to-day goings on in an maybe not quite ordinary household; my third tub of potatoes yielded 750gm, and I had some of them washed, boiled, buttered and on the plate a scant half hour after excavating them from the tub where I had been growing them.

They were delicious. I was 'cooking', if you can call it that; ham, new potatoes, coleslaw and a three bean salad. The salads came from M and S. (I did make yesterday's salads; tomatoes thinly sliced with finely chopped spring onions and vinaigrette dressing, and cooked and cooled french beans in a lime and ginger dressing).


  1. I 've never tried a lime and ginger dressing, sounds nice, so must try it and I love gooseberry jam.. must have had some lovely smells in your house.

  2. Meant to thank you for the easy jam recipe, which I'll try next time I see gooseberries in my local market - now is usually the time. No one likes it but me, so a small amount is good.

    1. This recipe is producing quite a firm set; I think I might try reducing the amount of lemon next time.