Saturday 15 October 2022

Saturday 15th October - A new workstation!

 I am determined that my new desk/work-station should not be just another part of a 'surface-filing system', you know the one, where every flat surface becomes a place where things can be put until you know what to do with them...

My old standing desk (well, not so old) has been passed on to a friend with a bad back, and we have bought an extremely cheap IKEA table and swivel chair instead. I now sit facing out into the garden to work, distracted by the birds busy at the bird feeder, working in a good light, with a chair/desk combination which fits my needs. Perfect.

There's still a fair bit of sorting out to do - I went through the shelves on the left and threw out nearly 20 years of teaching resources - lesson plans, printed copies of songs and heaven knows what - and just general paper accumulations. 

However, they appear to be as crammed full as ever... 

Likewise the redeployed kitchen trolley to my right,

 but I haven't gone through that with a keep-chuck-give-away head yet; everything is just stacked to clear the piles of stuff that were somehow shelved in the standing desk.

So! Happy, happy me. It has been 24 hours since the desk was put in place, and so far the only things on it are my phone, my laptop, a mouse mat and a mouse. 

Watch this space! 

NOW - AN ANNOUNCEMENT FOR MUSIC TEACHERS AND PEOPLE WHO MIGHT LIKE SOME STORAGE.... I have created a temporary new page listing some remaining music and stationery storage items - A4 plastic sleeves with holes punched in them for ring binders, A4 pocketed storage books, etc and if you want them, comment on the page with your address (I won't publish the comment) and I'll be in touch.   

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