Thursday 13 October 2022

Thursday 13th October - In memory of Betty - is this a good idea?

Many years ago, I used to send a postcard every week to a lonely lady, living by herself, called Betty. I said that I really couldn't promise to visit her, but I would send a postcard every week, and I did, almost without fail, for several years. I would pause beside my car after a hectic couple of hours of teaching highly energetic drumming classes, and, using the top of the postbox as a writing surface, take out a postcard, write a short note, stick on a stamp and pop it in. Such a small action, but more important that I realized at the time. When she died, her daughters found a tin with around around 200 postcards in it....

It brought home to me the importance of a personal contact. I am naturally garrulous, and enjoy reading blogs, following other people's projects and reading about their ideas and adventures.

But suppose I didn't have the internet? There's still the postcard project with Ang, which I am HUGELY enjoying (in spite of having spent the whole morning failing to sew a numeral 2 in my current stitching effort), and I also have a monthly journal/notebook exchange with another close friends.

So, in memory of Betty, my idea is to create a couple of pages of content which people could print off and POST to someone they know who has no internet access, but is the sort of person who would enjoy being in the chatty world of blogs. I'll try and make sure that all the content is copyright free, so no worries about that, and all you would have to do is wait until it appears, print it off, and post it to someone you think would enjoy browsing through it.

Of course, if you were to add a personal note, and maybe even a 'flat present' (Ang and I try and find small and slightly useful gifts to include with the embroidery swap) then now you have the makings of a lovely surprise for someone.

So, my idea is to try and get about 4 sides of A4 paper's worth of print ready. I would welcome your comments and suggestions. I'll let you know when the page has been added to this blog.


  1. I have no idea how you fit everything in to your day! My cousin and I used to exchange postcards [she wasn't really into the Internet/Social media etc] and I still send cards and notes to her Mum. I always keep a couple of postage stamps in the tiny pocket in my phone cover, in case I am out somewhere and unexpectedly want to send a card to somebody ['here visiting this NT property and I suddenly remembered how much you loved to walk round these gardens' or similar] The joy of a 'real' message falling through the letterbox among the impersonal/domestic admin stuff is incalculable imho.

  2. Keeping a couple of stamps handy in your purse is a great idea - just make sure you use all the old-style ones up in time!

  3. Such a good idea! I'll print it off and send to my 83 year old mother who lives alone now. Thank you Blods

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! I'm planning for the first 'real' one to be ready for November, but might put up a rough sketch version for October in a couple of days (school half term is coming!)