Friday 11 November 2022

Friday 11th November - Armistice and cross stitch

 Armistice day - we shall watch the cenotaph procession on Sunday.

Here's a link to a pattern for a cross stitch poppy, should you wish to stitch such a thing. You will find out later on this blog if it happened or not. You could nearly use it as a knitting chart, but be warned - knitting doesn't come out exactly square as the stitches are wider than they are deep, or is it the other way around? Anyways, it might not matter, but then it might... 

There aren't any words to describe the horrors of war, and to be honest, I shall stop at saying how grateful I am that there in spite of all that is really not right in this country, being at war, be it civil or international, is not one of them. I pray it stays that way, and that we can do something to assist in the bringing about of justice, reconciliation and peace in the places where this is not the case.

More bloggery tomorrow. I've emails to send, letters to write, lessons to teach...

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