Saturday 12 November 2022

Saturday 12th November - What a beautiful day

 It started cold and misty - proper late Autumn, I thought, but by the time we had driven to our meeting place for a second breakfast with the son and the daughter there were signs that the sun was appear and the skies were clearing nicely. 

It turned properly warm and sunny by the time we had finished eating and we wandered among the trees to the picnic benches a little way from the cafe and sat in the warmth catching up on the news.

One thing we have been missing are our regular 'games weekends', when we would play 

Settlers of Catan

or Ticket to Ride

or Exploding Kittens

to mention just a few. It would have been warm enough to play some board games outside today, although the slight breeze might have been a bit of a problem.

Still it's an idea; I might stick a pack of cards in my coat pocket next time we meet up.

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