Sunday 6 November 2022

Sunday 6th November - November proper

A couple of days of mostly rain, with a few dry moments. This is what November is usually like. I have been feeling slightly chilled all day. Of course, we could have clicked the heating up... but I wrapped myself in a blanket instead.

Our daft cat seems to enjoy getting wet - she's always been the one to stay out in bad weather. She still goes out out in all weathers even though she is in her 20th year, but more frequently, for shorter periods of time.

Each time she reappears, soaking wet, she likes to be dried off with a tissue, or kitchen paper, or when she is really drenched, an old towel.

Several times a day....

She is looking a bit moth-eaten at the moment, as her thick winter coat keeps forming into clumps of felted fur. I vary between teasing out the hairs as she slowly stops purring and starts looking thoughtful, eventually taking a warning swipe at my hand if I do not heed the warning, and just cutting out the clumps with round-ended scissors. I don't want to cut too much fur off or she will look even more tatty, and feel the cold as well!

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  1. Twenty year old kitties need a lot of attention and they deserve every bit. I have had one 20 year oid kitty and one who lived to over 18 years old and cherished them both. Cried a bunch when they left me.