Sunday 8 January 2023

Sunday 8th January - More Postcard Project, and Charlie Macksey

The connection between the two subjects is tenuous, but does exist...

Here are both of the Postcard Projects;

I will be keeping the top one, the bottom one is Ang's.

We are both busy sewing the final pictures for January withe the aim of completing them on 28th January,  a year after we started. 

I can recommend the whole adventure. It has been a joy, a journey, and the making of a friendship, all starting from Ang's description of her visit to a textile exhibition in Norwich on 28th January 2022.

And here's the connection:

Today Ang posted a link to a Charlie Macksey talk, only 4 minutes long.

He has a great list of entries on YouTube. A lot are about church, like the lovely anecdote on Ang's blog. Others are more about him and his art. Worth a browse, either way.

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