Monday 13 March 2023

Monday 13th March - making the celebrations last

 We started birthday celebrations for Himself on Saturday, when we met up with the offsprings for coffee. They handed over gifts and cards, which were opened then and there. Several books, and another puzzle from 'huzzle' were received with evident pleasure.

It is a satisfying puzzle to hold and, eventually, solve, not as simple as it looks.

I received a Mother's Day card and badge, now propped up alongside His birthday card on the mantlepiece. 

Yesterday was looking to be such a 'bleah' day that I presented Himself with another early birthday present. A Wentworth jigsaw puzzle;

We are very fond of these because the pieces are real wood, and have 'whimsy' pieces. (They are also much harder than the usual puzzles!)

And I received some Mother's Day flowers! For complicated reasons a friend passed them on to me...

Here's the thing; it's still not his birthday nor yet Mother's Day - how long can we keep this going? 


  1. As long as possible... Such celebrations should not be over too quickly

    1. It remains to be seen whether there will be any gifts left to give on the actual day!

  2. I like a spread out birthday! Kezzie x