Sunday 12 March 2023

Sunday 12th March - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Where did they go?

Thursday was a 4-zoom day, finishing at gone 9pm, so that put paid to blogging.  I did manage to get from a measly 600 or so steps, all I had done by bedtime, to just over my target of 2023 before lights out. How? Well, I have to use an oxygen concentrator overnight, (for about 10 years now) and if I connect myself to the supply I can march on the spot for most of 20 minutes, at about 100 steps per minute. Listening to music at the same time helps.

Friday was a mad cleaning day. All I intended to do was dusting what I could see and reach, and hoover around the furniture. Himself came to help, and it turned into intensive dusting and cobweb removal everywhere in the room. 

In the afternoon I tested my latest gadget 

We have a good deal of limescale to deal with under the rim of the loo, and I am pleased to report that using the firmest brush and the magic pink paste has started to have a good effect. I've been waiting for the memory to surface regarding the cleaning paste and it has just come to me...  Gumption cleaner! To be used with circumspection on modern surfaces.

It's not the only new electric brush in this household. The other morning out electric toothbrush started up all by itself, and wouldn't stop. We banished it to the garden in case it overheated or melted or burst into flames.

At over 10 years old we reckoned we had had our money's worth, and the replacement has arrived and is in use.

Saturday was a family meet up for coffee. We have a favourite cafe midway between us, with plenty of outside space. Astonishingly it was warm enough to sit and chat for an hour (wearing hat, scarf, gloves, extra layers and wrapped in blankets we brought with us).

Back home we had to deal with drains again... the previous drain man appears to have cracked our sewer drain. To my great surprise the water people arrived this afternoon to inspect it, and have agreed it needs sorting and soon. Quick work (so far).

Ah well. Today has been a people day too, coffee in the garden, after church zoom chat, and a family zoom. I have only 750 steps on my step counter; I'll get the rest between now and bedtime. 


  1. Oooh, we have terrible limescale on our loo rim- I might have to invest in some. Where did you buy it please? Kezzie clx