Wednesday 8 March 2023

Wednesday 8th March - This and That

I am referring to music teaching zooms. Today should have been four piano lessons; but one has been moved to tomorrow, one cancelled (mock A-levels), and another hasn't joined this evening. I know she started GCSE assessments last week so that's probably why, and I'm not irritated (truly) that she didn't say because a) I can extrapolate from last week's non-lesson and b) it's no hassle to sit here updating all the labels on this blog while I wait to see if she is going to join and c) I don't prepare for her lessons. We are doing Grade 7 music theory together because she enjoys it (!). This is a voyage of exploration for me too - I turn the page in the work book, and together we try and fathom out what it all means.

The notation is different to (from?) what I learned when I took my LTCL teaching diploma around thirty years ago, and I had never heard of a 'Secondary Seventh chord' until I opened the book at page 28. This is Serious Stuff.


Would you like some more drawings? I can't remember where I stopped with the last sequence. Ah, yes, 16th January.

Anyway, here's a selection of January and February, in a rather random order - not sure how that happened...


  1. I did Grade 8 theory about 5 years ago and it was HARD!!! I had to learn how to do Counterpoint from figured bass in a week!! (I took the exam at a week's notice after discovering my husband couldn't make it- it seemed a waste of money so I got no sleep for one week and studied in the late night/early morning!!
    I enjoyed your illustrated diary!
    Kezzie x