Tuesday 11 April 2023

Tuesday 11th April - English April

Yesterday we had warm sun, rain, strong winds and a rainbow, sometimes all at the same time.

Today was pretty much the same, except no rainbow, and the different types of weather came one after the other; sun, wind, clouds and rain. 

I've been more than usually breathless since the weekend, even resorting to using my oxygen concentrator during the day to keep my resting oxygen saturation level around 90% or above. I started the reserve antibiotics kept at the back of the drawer yesterday, and reckon it's improving things. I know they don't cure colds and lurgies, but the purpose of them for me is to to prevent any likelihood of a chest infection getting a hold. (Sats currently at 90%, without extra oxygen this evening; a big improvement on yesterday!)

The first effect of low oxygen levels is to make me inclined to be tearful, welling up for the slightest reason, so I'm glad I'm getting better!

Meanwhile I continue to take things relatively easy; 

knitting - 

I'm up to the ribbing of the second sock 

and I'm steadily adding more mitred squares to the patchwork blanket

Cross stitch:

 I'm still mulling over my plans, but I'll have to choose soon, and get stitching.


light-weight cosy whodunnits and rom-coms are the order of the day. I've indulged in Far too many Trisha Ashley rom-coms recently, but she has a wonderful turn of phrase which I an extremely envious of.

I'm also hugely enjoying listening to the last three Greene Knowe books in the series by by Lucy M Boston on audible. Her descriptions of the country are just beautiful. I finished listening to Stranger at Greene Knowe, featuring Hanno the gorilla and the delightful boy, Ping, a few nights ago (it was my insomnia listening). Enemy at Greene Knowe, book 5, is just enough on the 'safe' side of scary for me to cope with in my current mood. One of these days I will manage to visit Greene Knowe, for the house really does exist, exactly it is in the books.

I have two Donna Leon books lined up to read next, in her Inspector Brunetti series, set in Venice.

I have been ignoring my daily step target (a mere 2023) for the past couple of days; barely managing more than 600. Today is looking better, as somehow I'm on course to pass 1000.