Sunday 14 May 2023

Sunday 14th May- a day of rest

After all the extentions of yesterday, I might have expected to have slept like a log. 

Not so; it was a 'non-sleeping' night, when my brain just does not stop. Not, worrying, but just.... one thing after another, jumping around like a flea. Seeing if I can remember the rhythms for the various different sambas I used to teach;

 playing Debussy's 'The girl with the flaxen hair' in my head,

Wow, I never knew there was a cello version!

working out how to sew a little lined zipped bag with sashiko stitching...

Why was I doing this instead of sleeping?

So I listened to more of 'the Little Princess' on my headphones, and got so involved in the story that I listened right to the end.

Then I overslept in the morning, and didn't feel like doing anything all day.

There has been a problem with the local water supply today, an excellent excuse for putting off a whole load of tasks. We filled 5 jugs, the kettle and, most importantly,  the coffee machine, and then had a lazy day.

Apart from a sudden brief frenzy of clearing part of the garden shed, that it, as it needs to be ready for some major DIY next week.

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