Tuesday 16 May 2023

Monday 15th May - Nothing to see here

 I didn't write a post for Monday as I had nothing to say. It was a 'little' day; little things happened. Not a 'dull' day by any means; I managed to fill the page in my diary with the little things that filled the hours. 

Like, is it interesting to the wider world that we cleared the shed some more, or that I finally twigged that when a particular piano pupil says she 'hasn't done much' with this or that piece, has only done 'a bit' of practice on another, it's not the same as me at that age, wriggling out of admitting I've done no work, but means she's only done about 15 minutes a day on each of them and they are not perfect yet! And a friend kindly brought me a little pot of sweet peas to plant in the garden.

So we watched the second half of an old Poirot, enjoying the clothes and the general style of the sets, and waiting for Hastings to say 'Good Lord' in a shocked/surprised/amazed tone of voice, and toddled off to bed. 


  1. My sweet peas germinated a week or so ago. I am hoping they will grow up the trellis as they did last year. The jasmine on the other trellis is brown and crispy. But I am 400 miles from home so I'm not fretting about that.
    I am celebrating a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs!

    1. Glad to hear that you are managing to eat after the tumultuous events of the last few days!