Friday 9 June 2023

Friday 9th June - wot, no news?

 No, not much news, not really. I mean, stuff has been happening,  but although at times it has raised me to boiling point with something like rage, it has not been stuff that I would want to post about to the wide wide world. In these situations 'least said, soonest mended' has to be the starting point... 

So, having managed to say little, that has left me with less to post about.

Like, we've had pizza and wine and cheese and Scottish shortbread not all at once for supper (I've finished the antibiotics and we've done all we're going to do today). Is that news? Not by the current click-bait news we see on TV, Internet, and everywhere.

'Woman keeps temper and doesn't go off the deep end' doesn't have that sensational sort of ring.

Instead, I've raised a glass and blessed good friends, near and far, and especially Best Beloved who does a wonderful job of looking after me and my family. Bless you all.

Tomorrow will be a brand new day..,