Tuesday 6 June 2023

Tuesday 6th June

 Two friends came round for morning coffee today.

I had a go at making biscuits in the air fryer but the first batch were less beautiful;

That's because I dropped the grey silicone air fryer basket liner. The biscuits were still soft and fell out all crumpled and folded over. Luckily there was a second batch which came out perfectly.

And even more luckily, one of the visitors brought freshly made scones clotted cream and a jar of strawberry jam!

We sat in the garden waiting for the sun to reach the patio table, listening to the birds, watching the Robin's struggles with the suet cage on the bird feeder, the blackbirds scuffling along the flower beds...

Just gently chatting about gardens and flowers and a holiday in Scotland...

An hour of pure perfection. 

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