Monday 26 June 2023

Monday 26th June - staying in

 Somebody had to, and I was perfectly happy for it to be me.

We had two scheduled deliveries of medicines which needed to be signed for, and then two more which arrived sooner than I was expecting. 

One was four pasta bowls in the Spode Blue Italian pattern. I'm slowly replacing the older crockery as we break it with these - fairly expensive unless you can get seconds  which I did! The Blue and white pattern reminds me of my grandmother's willow pattern china.

The other was a cheap solar fountain which I have been wanting for ages;

Sitting in the sun and listening to it burbling away making happy splashy sounds makes me smile. The height of the fountain varies with the brightness of the sun; when a cloud briefly came the fountain became a series of apologetic little hiccups until the day brightened up again.

The garden looks lovely at the moment, providing you pick your viewpoint very carefully. 

For example, the vegetable patch... the cropped photograph

and the original...

Oh yes, editing is everything!

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