Tuesday 27 June 2023

Tuesday 27th June - semi comatose

 That's us two. Slumped in front of 'trash tv' as I call it... train journeys, antiques, repeats of bake off... but why?

Well, having read the above advice I wandered out into the front garden to take some cuttings from our two overgrown rock roses. We'd been discussing what to do with them... Yoicks! The white one had engulfed our ancient and beautiful fuschia. Somewhere in the depths of the foliage and woody stems I could just make out a few determined Ruby red fuschia flowers. I took my cuttings, six white, and six pink, and then Himself set too with loppers and cut it back to just the main stalk. This took all morning, and he was only able to get it all in the garden bin by chopping the branches into tiny little pieces.

Meanwhile I carried on tidying and watering, and went and made lunch.

We've a strange bare patch in the front flower bed now, (which makes it much easier to keep an interested eye on the comings and goings along the road!) It will be even easier once the other bush is taken down, once the garden waste bin lorry has been.

I tried taking basil cuttings from a supermarket pot basil plant last week. I snipped some likely looking stems and put themin water. Then I divided the massively pot bound original into four and replanted them into a much larger pot. They are thriving,  and the cuttings have all grown roots, so now I have one huge pot of basil and four tiny ones.

Encouraged by this success, I have picked some stems of parsley and put them in water. Fingers crossed they root too...

I have three kinds of mint, parsley, coriander, thyme, rosemary and basil. All except two of the mints started life as supermarket pots.


  1. I planted my rather weedy supermarket parsley. It's doing really well!

    1. The poor plants are so potbound when they are sold in the supermarkets I think they appreciate a little tlc.